Tuesday, January 17, 2012

magical transformation of shawl into scarf

I've been working on things, albeit slowly. I'm ready to wash and block some lace, which is always an exciting step. This project turned itself into a scarf, because the border wasn't matching up properly, and I decided that it would be easier to leave it out altogether than to figure out what was wrong with my ability to evenly pick up stitches. I would have probably ended up wearing it as a scarf anyway, so it's no big deal.

Here's the first edge I tried, which didn't quite work out:

Here's the project wallowing in washy goodness:

And here's the project about to reach full scarf-potential:

When little M came, I was about at the point where I needed to start the edging for this project. Which meant that I needed to think about things and learn a new chart and pick up stitches (which I apparently failed at). That was difficult because it took a fair amount of concentration, and also because M takes up a lot of my free-arm time. So I was thinking about the future of my knitting post-baby, and thinking maybe I should stick to the mundane. I'm going to reign it in a little.** But then, I was also thinking about my mom.

She said she put down sewing and picked up knitting once Brent and I were born. Most of the knitting that she did was done during an age at which I was too young to remember anything. But the fruits of her knitting were still around during my childhood, and what I remember are lovely and sometimes intricate sweaters, with cables and bobbles and loveliness. I'm pretty hopeful that if she could knit prolifically, I can continue to stitch away as well.


**I need to keep reminding myself that this is not the type of project for which I have time or inclination right now.

PS. I heard my new neighbors fighting yesterday. And then a door slam. And then their truck driving angrily off. . . Oh well.

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