Wednesday, September 28, 2011

adorable and tiny and baby and you're married now!

Hello Mrs. Amy K.

I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon Iceland!

Before I left for your wedding weekend, I decided to start a new knitting project, so I would have something portable and easy to work on. But then, I never actually worked on it. I slept on the plane, and then the project sat in my bag the whole time I was in Iowa.

But I finished this sweater last weekend while James was running his triathlon! Look how adorable and tiny and cute baby items can be! Baby sweater goodness. I foresee Myra wearing this with some fetching hand-knit socks which she received from you:

I think it will be most fun when I have an actual live model to dress in these items for pictures, but for now this will have to suffice:

This is actually the only hand-knit item of clothing that I have made for the baby. Well, there was a hat. But the "superwash" yarn that I used did not end up being actually superwash. It was misleading and felted terribly, and I suspect it would only fit a preemie now. Let's hope this does not happen with the sweater. Although I noted after I had attached the buttons that the packaging warned "not suitable for washing or dry cleaning." I wonder why they would even bother selling buttons that are not suitable for washing. Sillyness.


PS. I loved seeing you last week--you were the most beautiful bride. I hope you are still on a wedding high and glowing with love for your new husband. Yay for you.