Sunday, November 28, 2010


Everything that I am knitting right now is purple. I took a look at my ravelry projects and noticed a similar theme. This is something I did not know about myself, that I was drawn to the red and purple hues.

Now that I finished these gloves, I may move on to something less purple . . . or not, since it's such a fine color.

Can I just say that these look horrible? The fingers are all floppy-like. It's not until they are slipped onto the hand that they look worthwhile. Maybe it's just my poor photography skills, but I'm glad they don't look as wretched while being worn. Here's my artsy hand-model shot that looks much better:

In case you were wondering, this is my ballerina hand. It took years of practice to cultivate. I hope you appreciate.

These are not for me, although I do enjoy the grape smell. I shipped these out a couple weeks ago to LaKeisha in Ohio. I am hoping that they fit.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans' Day

Today I honor the veterans in my life, my two grandfathers and my grandmother. Veterans' Day was originally known as armistice day, a day when fighting stopped, a day of peace.

Today, one year and one day ago, my grandfather died and found his peace.

Twenty-six years ago my other grandfather found his peace.

My grandmother was a nurse in France during WWII, and has lived a beautiful life after.

May we all find peace and end war.


the search for the perfect squash

Before this week, my primary indication that the seasons were changing was the change of produce available at the grocery store. And of course, the fall produce of greatest significance to me was the vast array of squashes available for consumption. This is a selection of some of the different types of squash that I decided to sample:

I would say that I am the primary (sole) squash eater in this household, so I embarked on a solitary culinary escapade in order to determine my squash preferences. This week, I sampled from the turban squash (top right), a rather large specimen with plump seeds. I was really rooting for the turban squash, because it was ridiculously easy to slice into prior to being cooked. If I had found it delicious, it would have sealed the deal. Being easy to cut into would make my squash habit more self-sufficient (as in, I wouldn't need to require the services of a more muscular husband).

Here's the bad news. I have a huge bowl of turban squash sitting in the refrigerator right now, languishing in watery stringyness because I found it sub-par to more desirable squash species. Ahh, well, at least I am learning.

This week was the first week that felt like fall to me. Most of October was spent in the mid-nineties, but it's starting to cool. James said it felt like winter, but he was out at night, when the temperatures drop a bit more dramatically. Anyway, I am home today, and I decided to break out the knitted sweaterly items.

In any case, this is my creation, and it's finally cool enough to wear it in person, so I thought I would take a photo to commemorate. Plus, climbing in trees is fun. This was made from local alpaca, and it felt like I was wrapping myself in my own personal blanket when I put it on today.


PS. Do you remember the yarn turbans that we sported while trying on makeup and watching naked soccer?

PPS. I support potato intolerance. Squash over potatoes forever!