Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweater Update

We finished Tucson's half marathon yesterday! My time was only seconds over two hours, and if I hadn't needed to stop midway for a bathroom break, I would have actually been under the two hour mark. James and I both finished at about the same time, which was waaay faster than I thought we would do. I think a combination of race-day excitement plus the fact that it was 95% downhill led to a fast race. The downhill bit led to some soreness too. As soon as the race was over and I slowed to a walk, I realized I was unable to walk properly. Right now I'm feeling a bit like an invalid (a fierce invalid), and James is making me breakfast, so I thought I would blog.

Remember the sweater that I am making? I am so excited about it. I totally scratched the original pattern and am coming up with something completely different. I was sitting in class the other day and the girl in front of me had a sweater on that was short-sleeved, v-necked, and had a horizontal lace panel across the back shoulders. I decided I loved the way the sweater looked, but I am making a few changes. Mostly, my ideas will make the sweater less complicated to construct, but I am still planning to keep the idea of a lace portion on the back of the sweater. We'll see how it goes. I'm not there yet, but almost. Here is the sweater so far:

I'm working on a few ideas for the lace part. This is one of the ideas. Unfortunately, the picture is very shadow-y, so you can't see the lace as well as I would have liked.

I haven't worked on much else knitting-wise since I last posted. But I'll keep you updated. I am looking forward to Christmas!


PS. What have you been working on lately? How is your owl sweater? I would love to see some of your recent knitting creations. They are always beautiful.

PPS. Merry Christmas!