Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Spinning


I've been busy. So busy, I've lost in the world of medicine for the last year or so. My deepest, heartfelt apologies. Let's just not talk about that.

However, this summer I did buy Morels at the farmers market. If you've never had them, buy them fresh, and then saute them in just butter and a bit of fresh cracked pepper.

Kris and I went to the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival in Adel, Iowa, as I was living in Des Moines this last few weeks. This is a great adventure, and worthy of the $5 admission. I think it is, in fact, perhaps, worthy of it's own post. Let's leave it to say that I came away with more fleeces from the silent auction to add to my already growing collection of 1 that I obtained from Firefly Fields. Firefly fields has beautiful finnsheep fleeces. I love you Emmi!

I picked up 4 more fleeces, a Rambouillet, a Shetland, a Jacob, and a Cormo. You really can see all five, though in the above picture. Yes they are taking over the apartment, along with the plants. I've started cleaning the Rambouillet with the fermented Suint Method, which you can read more about here and here with pictures, but if you want a very good description, check it out here!

My Rambouillet is sitting the rainwater that I've been (im)patiently collecting over the last day or so with my bins. This will be a long and stinky seven days.


P.S. Kris has a new blog documenting all the plants and gardening we do in our apartments. Go check it out!