Thursday, March 26, 2009

I've got a big ball of yarn


Sometimes I've seen these humungo balls of yarn in clothing store window displays for their new fall and winter sweaters. When you usually poke at them, however, they're pretty hollow and lightweight. Most likely, I've always assumed they took a cardboard or a Styrofoam core, or something, and just wrapped the yarn all pretty-like around the core.

This is not that ball of yarn.

This is a single ball from a single hank of Cascade Eco, hand dyed with Jacquard turquoise. All 250 grams and 478 yards of it. I didn't even try to wind this on my ballwinder because I knew it would. Not. Fit. I hand-wound this.

However, after I took that pictures I decided that didn't really express how this ball of yarn was only slightly smaller than the size of my head. So I threw some change next to it that I had nearby. I found an American quarter from my laundry collection, but we've gotten a lot of blog visitors to my scarf pattern recently from all over the world except from Africa. So I put in a Ghanaian 200 Cedis coin as well.

I suppose I can't say we haven't had any one from Africa. We've had a couple people from Egypt, which was really exciting. I love seeing all the new flags, which is how I like to look at it. Estonia, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Thailand, Chile, Cuba, Canada, Belgium. I just wanted to say hi!

In non-knitting related items, I've decided to grow a moss garden. I had this container full of dirt leftover from last fall, so I dampened it, collected the moss from outside, and filled the surface.
I've been misting the surface with water multiple times a day to keep it hydrated and get it started ever since last Saturday. I've easily grown moss in my terrariums indoors, but never our in the open air. You can see it's been so moist that tiny little plants have sprouted up in some places.

Meanwhile, outside, the buds on the bush continue to get bigger. I'm waiting for the bush to flower and reveal itself for what kind of bush it truly is! I'm curious to know. But for now I'll content myself with the buds and my indoor moss garden.


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