Sunday, March 22, 2009

desert legwarmers

Dear A,
Oh! Your pattern is up! I am thinking I might have to use it in the near future. I have some scarf yarn.

And you! You will soon have alpaca fluff, courtesy of my favorite alpaca ranch. This is Lock and Load, the majestic alpaca from whom your fiber came from. (I sent it in the mail today) Doesn't he look friendly? Sometimes he spits.

I took my parents to see the ranch while they were visiting. My dad had quite a long discussion with the owners about alpaca genetics and ovary cycles and things like that. My mom just enjoyed seeing the animals.

The owners of the ranch have invited me to come to shearing day, which is set to happen in April. Plus, they're letting me pick out alpaca fleece from their herd so that I can have yarn made out of the alpaca(s) of my choosing. Amazing! Alpaca!

I need to make a dent in my projects so that I feel justified in getting some more alpaca. It's been slow knitting for me these days, but I did finish some legwarmers.

I can't tell you how fun it was to start knitting with pink yarn. Just the color was enough to motivate me to finish these with haste.

I dyed the yarn so that it would gradually turn pinker and darker as I knit it, although in the future I think I would just dye several different portions of yarn and deal with weaving in the ends. It was fun to knit with though.

And when I was done posing for these pictures I took a bite out of the prickly pear, just like a real javelina would.


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Amy said...

You have cowboy boots? When did this happen!? Oh my goodness.

Did you know that I just put the first alpaca you gave me into a batt to spin it? But now I don't know that I's the softest thing ever. Kris felt it and said he didn't know if he was feeling it or not.

How did you dye the yarn so that it graduated as you went?