Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Alpaca Farming


Your are timely as always. I was getting really nervous, because I didn't know when Lock and Load was going to come in the mail. I really think he should change his name, however, to, "My Precious." Because that's how I feel about whatever you send me from those alpacas. Oh my gosh. So lovely. I don't want to spin it or do anything with it, hardly, for fear of ruining it. I love it sooo much. Yummy yummy yummy.

So you slipped in a pamphlet/sheet of paper on alpaca farming in the box, which was perfect, because apparently one of Kris's fellow physics graduate students Brad feels that life may not be treating him well at the moment and that perhaps he may want to step into the wonderful world of alpaca farming. This was not on any suggestion I made. I did not even mention alpacas. Kris just came home and told me that Brad was considering alpaca farming.

Delightfully, I knew I had just the thing, and sent Kris back with the pamphlet that informed Brad about how alpacas might spit on him. I also sent off 3 samples of fiber, the raw clip you newly sent me, the grayish alpaca you'd sent before, and some baby suri alpaca that I'd had in my fiber stash. (And I told Kris to be very careful.)

Apparently Brad was very impressed and took the pamphlet home to his wife. His father may own some 40 acres of land that he's not doing anything with that he'd let Brad use if he wants to. Now he just needs alpacas. And expertise. And time. And food for the alpacas. And everything else to take care of the alpacas.

Maybe a loan.

I've been working on my owl sweater, and while it's been going quickly, I don't know if it's going well or not. I feel like there's this bulge in the back from the way the shaping in done, and no matter what it wouldn't really go away. And so, rather than just knitting until I had to frog it all later and cry, I'm blocking it on the needles at this very moment.

Hopefully this makes the bulge go away. Hopefully. Cross your fingers. Other than that it looks pretty good. Most people in my class think it's a hat.


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Karen said...

Yay! I'm glad you like the alpaca.

I think it's interesting when people try to guess what I am knitting. There's this one guy I tutor who keeps thinking I'm making baby items, even though they are clearly adult-sized. He also apparently thought that I had a 3-year-old daughter.