Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Charles Freeman is my Hero


You know, at my favourite local yarn shop, Home Ec Workshop, they have empty art frames on the wall with knitting tacked inside them. To put the knitting on display. One might consider this if one lives in a state that is too hot to wear lined aran mittens that are very, very lovely.

Did you knit the laceweight single stranded? Because if so, that's crazy awesome. Even double stranding it Malabrigo laceweight is pretty thin. I'm very impressed.

So I saw that I had a "Message from Charles Freeman" on my google homepage today, sharing the space with my teahouse fox who is, at the moment, playing his pi-pa to the ducks in the pond.

However, it was not the Charles Freeman I know and love, it was some other bloke who apparently is being harrased. (I've got to admit, I didn't read the article beyond realizing that this was a different person.)

However, doesn't this make you miss Charles Freeman, infamous writer of Egypt, Greece, and Rome? So much reading we had to do back our first year of undergraduate education, and I don't honestly know how much I got out of that book. More than others, apparently, because my professor was always impressed my ability to remember detail, but I never really got history. I am cognizant of the need to understand history, but I just can't appreciate it myself, even though I want to.

I guess this post really is purportless, albeit to point to the fact that I was really excited that I thought perhaps Charles Freeman, my hero, had gotten face-time on Google's home page.

"Clearly I needed help."


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Karen said...

Holy crap! Charles Freeman! They were talking about him on NPR yesterday afternoon, although I didn't catch the whole story, and part of the time they were calling him Chaz Freeman, which I thought was amusing. Too bad it was the wrong Freeman.