Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Mitten.

Whoah! We have a new format. And there are giant owl eyes looking at me.

It's been too long since I've posted. But it's also been so long since I've finished a project. It's been a horrible semester for knitting anything. I'm only teaching one lab and only taking one class (obvious diminished knitting time there), and as a result, I have few class papers to read (no easy stockinette/ribbed knitting). Hazel doesn't like this either. She would nudge my feet while I read and try to distract me with her cuteness, so that I couldn't help but pet her instead. Now I read papers on the computer and take notes, and Hazel isn't allowed by our computer, because she eats cords and it's expensive.

Nevertheless, I do have a picture to post. This is probably the most beautiful thing I've knit in a long time. Maybe ever? I don't know. These are pretty amazing mittens. Soft. Warm. Awesome.

I think . . . I think I'm going to gift them. That's most logical, right? I mean, who wears mittens in Arizona. Maybe I'll just wait until next winter to give them away. I mean, I can't give them up just yet. They're too wonderful.

This was definitely at-home knitting, since charts aren't so good to bring into class, but so much fun to knit. I highly recommend the pattern.

Oh! And what a surprise for the hands. A liner: warm malabrigo merino lace. If these mittens were edible, they would taste like warm rhubarb pie.

If I wait long enough, maybe I'll convince myself to keep the mittens. I mean, there WAS snow at the grand canyon. That's AZ. Look how cold we are in this picture! I totally look like I need mittens in this picture.
In fact, we threw snowballs off the grand canyon. Snow! In AZ!

And I almost forgot! It snowed in our town this winter. Once. And I have the picture to prove it.

This is the cow skull in our front "yard" (aka rock garden). Look at the HUGE amount of snow accumulation on his antlers! I totally need these mittens for myself. I'm getting cold just thinking about our harsh winters here.

I mean, I have some mittens here now, but they don't have liners in them. And what if it snows again?! My hands could be mildly uncomfortable in the semi-cold climate.

I'll have to think about this. At any rate, I'm not giving these mittens up just yet. They were too much fun to knit, and are too much fun to wear to get rid of them immediately. We'll wait a few months and then see what happens. I just need to have some time to get over my mitten-separation anxiety.


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