Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tuzi, the rabbit paper monster


Do you remember a certain monster that frequented your parent's house over Christmas? He's back, better than ever, and finally found some eyes. It's Tuzi, and he's celebrating Easter, the best day for bunnies all over the planet! Tuzi is mandarin for rabbit, as he is a rabbit paper monster. Just look at those deltoids. He's so strong.

So I really should have taken pictures of Tuzi while he was being made, as he's even more complicated than he looks. He's made out of 3 strands of singles from Harrisville Shetland wool except his eyes, which are extra sock yarn.

He makes friends very, very easy, especially with gray squirrels.

After knitting up the body and head with his 3 ears, I picked up stitches for his arms, which later were divided into i-cord for 5 fingers on each hand. His feet are made from long 5 st i-cord tubes which were folded into the shape of his clawed feet.

But his real purpose and love in life is helping a brother out and holding your books and papers while you study or type on the computer. Once knit up, Tuzi's entire body was wired with telephone wires, which are coated in plastic. All three ears and each of his fingers and arms are completely and pretty solidly wired to a core in his body. His feet were also wired as well, but this isn't connected. (If you look in some of the pictures you can see a bit of the wires sticking out in the fingers and toes. It's hard to conceal that.) Note that Tuzi is not leaning against the printer. After putting in all the wires and stuffing him with fiber-fil, I weighted him in the bottom with a lot of beans.

The result of all this is that Tuzi really does a good job of holding about whatever book or papers you need him to. His toes bend up and around to make a shelf for the book to sit on, and his arms and fingers hold the pages open for you as well as provide a place for the book to lean on. If it's a tall book and the arms aren't enough, the ears easily flip down to hold pages back as well.

Kris's roommate is frightened of him. Do you think he needs a little nose and mouth? Put Hazel up to the computer and have him look and get his opinion.


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Karen said...

Karen says, Tuzi has scary bulging eyes and reminds me of the donnie darko rabbit. I wish I could train my rabbit to hold books for me.

Hazel says, I love all rabbits. I want to meet and sniff Tuzi but am sad he will not be able to sniff me back.