Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NMR makes me strangely happy


I got to teach my baby o-chem students today how to analyze NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, for those of you who do not know such things). I've secretly been looking forward to this all semester. They came with no previous knowledge, no time spent in lecture on the topic, and I actually got to do some real teaching on the subject. I did a bit of lecturing, then we took a field trip to the NMR facilities next door, and then they had the rest of the lab period to work on a set of NMR problems. I'm not even sure why this was so exciting for me, but it was. Exciting and also satisfying. I'm looking forward to Thursday's NMR experience.

Cables! And mock cables! It's too bad the flash on my camera washed out the details. At least the sock creature is photogenic.

I've got to work on my fitting skills, because this hat/glove set and these leg warmers do not appear to fit this poor sock creature.

I should also work on mailing these out to their intended recipients. They've been sitting around my apartment gathering dust while the weather is getting busy warming up and approaching spring. Pretty soon they won't be needed.

I hope your break was relaxing. My favorite part was not having to drive into school every day.


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