Saturday, March 29, 2008

The early morning the world crashed down*


So my hands are still shaking right now. You see, I went to sleep early last night, maybe about midnight. I'd hardly slept at all then night before, though I got a decent amount for a test night. All in all, including the nap I had earlier that afternoon, perhaps four hours or so. Exhausted, Kris told me I had to get ready for bed because I was falling asleep on the phone. And we all know that I sleep like a rock. A tornado came close by my house one day and I didn't even stir from a nap. Pretty much the world has got to be falling apart for me to jump out of bed.

At exactly 6:10 on this Saturday morning, what sounded like the world crashing down erupted in my room. However, instead of the world, it was my closet.

You see, the closet shelf they put up was always rickety, so I didn't put anything to precious or valuable up there. Well, not true, I had books and notes and wool and pain medications. So I didn't put anything breakable up there. At 6:10, I was treated to the moment at which that shelf decided to give up the ghost, tore away from the wall, dumped everything on it across the room, and crashed down.

I'm pretty ready for the apocalypse now, because I know exactly the sound it's going to make when it happens. I'm still shaking just a bit. I poured myself a glass of wine to calm myself down and see if I can get a bit more sleep.

Grumble grumble grumble stupid closet.


*Have you seen "The Day the World Stopped?" Great movie. Love the robot. And women screaming.


Karen said...

If you hear the apocalypse coming, let me know. I like to be on top of these things before they happen.

Also, the day the world stopped turning? Cannot find this on google search.

Amy said...

Dang! It's the day the earth stood still! I was a bit on the edge when I wrote that.

BTW, FOOD ARRIVED! Knitting is happening! SO much excitement! I made terrariums!

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