Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coming out of internet silence


So I made some little snails, too!

Kris found a friend named Yang-Mills. He loves to run around, and seems to have found his way up on Kris' shoulder.

Then he found a bunch of really little snails.

Umm, they're pretty cute, and perfect the person who needs some snails in their life but doesn't have a lot of room.

Here's my little snail, who loves to bounce around everywhere. He gets very excited when we get to go traveling, because he gets to hide in my pocket. One of the most intelligent snails I've ever met, I'm now taking him with me to all my tests so he can help me out with the answers when I get stuck.

However, he also does like to live on the wild side. Look at him on that precipice! Such bravery!


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cosymakes said...

i'm speechless due to the extreme cuteness of this post :)