Sunday, February 24, 2008


Why isn't accordion music more popular? Just look at what Yann Tiersen can do with it.

So this dog and rabbit thing has turned into something like his-and-her pets. Besides the fact that he has had projectile diarrhea on more than one occasion now (in the apartment), I haven't had much to complain about the dog. It looks like James will stop trying to rough-house with the rabbit now that he has a more receptive playmate. Maybe he'll stop putting her in the sink.

You know, it's interesting. Just about anything Hazel does tends to be indescribably adorable. Not so with the dog. Sleeping, eating, licking, hopping around. . . Climbing onto the highest point in the room. . .

No, this is not posed. She climbed on top of me all on her own. Doesn't she look like a giant in this picture?

Notice, no pictures of the dog yet. Despite his being amicable, he has yet to win me over.

Knitting news! I had a free evening!! It was incredible. First time in weeks--no obligations. James had to work on Friday, so I had the whole evening to myself and my yarn and my dying pots.

More fair isle yarn! Notice the blue yarn to the left. I finally found the time to fix up a batch of make-shift blue to match the color in my stalled glove project. They appear to match relatively well, but we'll see what it looks like when I start in on the fingers.

I am a huge fan of this kool-aid dying process. Yet I was perturbed by the lack of blue kool-aid options in the grocery store. Actually, there were no blue flavors to be found (and I went to several grocery stores). So I experimented a little. Blue food dye on its own does nothing, but when mixed with a base of, say, pink lemonade, you get the delicious blue that I used for my gloves. I wonder why this is. I wish I knew more about why this works. I've tried to do a quick search under the chemistry of kool-aid dying, but I mostly just came up with methods or techniques. Explanations were lacking. Well, I can live with that. As long as it works.


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