Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vireo fibrosus

Dear K,

In between studying for immunology and neuroscience I happened to catch glimpse of a strange bird sitting at the bird bath.

I believe it's the Vireo fibrosus, a bird hardly seen in the wild, but extremely pleasant and a superb hoarder of yarn and fibers. In fact, what do we see coming out of his back?

V. fibrosus is rare find, but if tamed, will gladly hold any little trinkets like darning needles, thread, or stitch holders under his wings.

However, he is best known for storing yarn in his back. Extremely loyal, V. fibrosus will protect your yarn and hold the ball together as long as you desire. However, if you need to switch projects, he will gladly let you exchange balls with a snap!

I'm glad I found one of these and tamed him for my own. Any naming suggestions?


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