Monday, January 21, 2008

Without the chill


Love the letter you sent me. The lab report was hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. I've not had time for the movie you sent me yet, but I'm sure it will take me away from whatever hell I shall experience this week.

Where did you get that lab report? At first I thought you'd written it. Though there was quite a bit of swearing in it for you, but I'd be okay with that. Cracked me up.

Delightfully, this past weekend I was visiting Kris, where we don't pay for heat. Thus, for the first time in a long time, I was warm. Definitely a good weekend to visit as well, since the Monday morning low where we were was -23 F without windchill, -31 C.

It's a mass of sweater! I frogged part of the Ambrosia sweater because I was rowing-out too much. My purl rows are larger than my knit rows, and it definitely shows at this gauge in this yarn. I changed it to doing simultaneous sleeves at the same time as the body. What's strange about my decision is that it doesn't make sense. Since I'm doing a deep V-neck, I'm still knitting back and forth instead of in the round. However, there are a lot less strands and needles going on.

I still don't like circular needles.

We studied lots. Kris is peaking out at you from the midst of Topology, during which he tries to prove that lines intersect with each other. It is surprisingly more complicated than one would think.


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Karen said...

I'm not sure where the lab report originally came from. It was given to us newby TAs this summer to provide some sort of an example or prove a point, but mostly just for comic relief.