Tuesday, January 22, 2008

fear no longer


I am pleased. Delighted. My group had its first meeting on Friday. Everyone is extremely friendly. The sort of friendly where after the group meeting is over you sit around and chat and get to know each other. The sort of friendly where you hardly know these people but you're still so happy to be there. Small groups. That's the key I tell you. I do like small group social settings. Besides this, we had our first science education seminar last week. I had a feeling that this was the right environment for me when we were handed our assignments for the hour. We were to role-play different types of faculty responding to a lecture in science education. Role play! Do you know what we do in organic seminar? Probably not because I don't even know what's going on. I might have an inkling of an idea for MAYBE 5 minutes, and the rest is just garbled noise. Oh I do love this education bit.

On a different note regarding something I just recently discovered: I have been living in fear. I have avoided, not even considered the possibility of fair isle knitting for some time. Why this fear? I worried that my yarn would be hopelessly entangled. I worried that my floats would be too loose or uncomfortably tight. I worried that it would feel slow and encumbering to work with two strands of yarn. I was wrong. My sophomore year tinkering was some misfit experiment that never gave me a chance to get to know the real deal. I live in fear no more. I am knitter, hear me roar.


(I need to work on getting my work done before I come home. This place is distracting, even sans husband.)

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