Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stay warm!


This is what we in Iowa like to call "Wintery mix." That translates to ice, sleet, snow, rain, and cold all mixed up into something you definitely don't send your grandmother out in.

They canceled classes today, of course, after we'd already had all our classes. Oh well. However, some people were supposed to dissect this afternoon. That is a big part of our time, these dissection days, and they try very hard to make it fair for everyone. However, as classes are canceled, they don't have to dissect. We have to dissect with them on Thursday.

Bitterness. However, not as bitter as this tree, who took too long to drop it's leaves and now is stuck with them. They're frozen on.

It's raining outside, and the rain from early this morning already froze on all the trees and all the snow.

It's now dipped below freezing and is still dropping, which is why they sent us home at noon. To get here before the roads freeze.

However, it really is beautiful. I've been finishing up the thrummed mittens, and just need one more thumb. However, it still was raining outside when I took pictures, and thus I didn't want to soak them. I didn't mind getting these wet, however. Swatches of fun! I decided that the wool in the yellow and orange didn't work with the pink of the yarn for my thrummed mittens. However, I've got bigger plans in the works that involve a massive amount of entrelac, handspun, and colorful fibers. Thus, I began experimenting just a little bit. I tried putting the orange and yellow rambouillet (merino?) on picks, and then pulling it through a ditz to create a combed yarn. Does that seem crazy? That's what I thought, but it wasn't even my idea!

So it didn't work perfectly, but I was holding the pick between my feet. What better can you expect?

This is a swatch of...swatchiness. I spun up the yarn by randomly trying different color combinations, and how they might work. I just messed around with the wool with my hands a bit. I really need a pair of wool cards and a comb. And an actual ditz.

I got bored knitting a strip and decided to do just a tad of experimentation with short rows. My favorite of the swatch? That little bit of pink in there. Love it.

I hope you enjoy my world of ice, down there in the land of not worrying that the ice will make your power go out and your house will slowly run out of heat.

Send warm thoughts,

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Ravenhill said...

I simply love the frozen grass photo!