Thursday, December 13, 2007

I look rather good today


Just thought you should know. I'm sure by the end it will all go downhill, but for now? I started the day off well.

So we all know that I wander the internet, and now Ravelry, regularly for knitting and spinning inspriation. Little did I know that I would wander across quilting inspiration. I am absolutely in love with the little bird ornaments on the cover of Last Minute Quilted Gifts. I think they are adorable. I love birds in general, and for some reason, these made me think of potpourri sachets. Now, this in general is kind of strange, because it's not like I go around pondering potpourri sachets often. Basically if I open a drawer or a closet that stinks, I ponder sachets. That's about it. However, I saw these and thought, "I could knit that bird and stuff it with potpourri! Christmas gift!"

Yes, I know, I said I wasn't going to knit people things for Christmas this year. That isn't happening. Sure, some people aren't getting hand made things. Many still are. It turns out I had time after all! Why? Well, for one, the thrummed mittens are done. I think I'll donate them to Shelter House, in town, which basically runs most of the services for the homeless here. I've got to have something to do while I'm studying biochemistry, and those Latvian mittens aren't going to cut it.

I present you with my mother's new Blue Bird of Happy-smells. I started each of the pieces over at least two-three times. It's actually a bit difficult to knit something with so much shaping.

I knit the top body part in one piece and added a white belly, all of it out of washable wool. The blue is my dyed Henry's attic kona, and the white is Yarn Treehouse Classic Merino. They were knit on size 0 needles, for a tight fabric.

The head required rather delicate shaping, and I'm still not entirely pleased. I did three groups of short rows, one even short rows within short rows. If I made it again, I'd try it a bit differently, but the short rows came out surprisingly well, considering I had no idea what the heck I was doing. I then sewed the belly on from the tail to the top, doing both sides at once with two different needles and yarn for even sewing. At the tail I only did a few stitches and then sewed in the end tight and slightly visible on the white belly. I then began about an inch later and tightly sewed in with a visible notch in the belly. This is my hole for stuffing with potpourri, and I made the notches visible so that I could know where to cut my stitches later to refill it and sew him back up. From here on it was a cinch.

I finished sewing my little birdie together, stuffed the head with regular stuffing, stuffed two cinnamon sticks inside as support between the neck and body, and filled the rest with cloves, nutmeg, allspice, dried orange peel, and juniper berries. I'd really like some actual potpourri that will hold it's scent better, however. I just feel that this might be impossible to find here excepting the massive and decorative potpourri you can find in the stores for the holidays right now. When I asked at every store I was shown the massive dried and scented bags of pine cones, oranges, and small juniper branches.

I don't think I can fit an entire tree inside this guy. I'll wait until I get back home for Christmas to restuff with something smaller than a pinecone.

Guess who passed the three of her easiest classes? Amy!

Oh, and I managed to catch a little random "I love New York 2" while eating dinner last night.

I now present you with my favorite "I love New York 2" quotes from the show I watched last night.

"Immediately when we arrived at the parrot jungle I got scared because I knew there was going to be parrots there."

"I'm afraid of parrots because they don't know how to speak English diction."

(Talking about monkeys) "I feel like they already have something to prove because they don't speak English."



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Ravenhill said...

The knitted bird is a fabulous idea! I have seen so many, countless actually, made of fabric but this is the first made from knitting! It is so pretty too.