Saturday, December 8, 2007

Oh, Chocolate!


Last Thursday was a little chilly. In fact, it was snowing pretty heavily, and the roads were icing up. I had missed the 4:21 bus that delightfully decided to come at 4:19, when I watched it pull away from the wrong side of the road. I had to wait the next 15 minutes until the 4:35 bus came.( Don't let this schedule fool you, when I usually leave after 6 pm, the bus only comes once an hour, making it slightly annoying if I finish work 3 minutes after it's already come.) Anyhow, it was cold, and the bus hovel (is there a proper name for those?) was full of people, and I didn't have long to wait. Or so I thought. Unfortunately, the roads were still bad from the sleet last Saturday that melted and refroze, covering everywhere with a thick layer of ice. The roads were mostly melted, but pile on some extra snow and it gets awfully slick again. The bus was running late. When I finally got on fifteen minutes after it was supposed to arrive, it was almost a half hour trip home in what usually takes fifteen. However, in my time waiting for the bus I grabbed a newspaper, and read the cover story about our city's homeless.

It was cold, waiting for that bus, and I hadn't worn my warmest mittens, and my hands started to get chilly. And when I hopped on the bus and shook my body a couple times to rid myself of the snow-woman look, I decided to knit some mittens. A man died under the bridge a few weeks ago because of hypothermia, and it's a lot colder now.  I can at least make one person's hands a bit warmer with a pair of thrummed mittens. I've put away the rest of the Christmas knitting for my immediate family to do a little something for my extended family. Those on the streets, in broken homes. They're my family too, and I'd be amiss if I didn't get them something for Christmas.

Though somebody thinks that this is a turtleneck for him for Christmas.

Oh, Chocolate, the thrummed mittens aren't for you! You can snuggle in bed for warmth. It's no time for knitted moose fashion. The wool is 4 strands of Harrisville Shetland singles held together with merino thrums.

I also picked up a skein of Cascade 220 for a pair for myself as well, and a couple packets of kool-aid in purple, pink, red, orange, and yellow.

The roving is dying as well speak, but that's going to be waaay after Christmas. I just got over-excited about dying and wanted to throw it all together.

Love always,

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