Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Monster Hats

First of all, my subscription to this blog must not be working properly, because I was in no way notified that there was so much activity going on here without me. Second of all, your knitting (or spinning or whatever) jargon is going above my head. Picks? Ditz? You're leaving me in the dust here. It would be nice to be neighbors again so that I could spy on you and see everything that you're really up to. Not that I could ever keep track of your copious amounts of projects.

I'm whiling away the hours with these Wine and Roses Mitts from Interweave while I wait for my yarn to come by mail. It was delayed momentarily, as my bank somehow thought that yarn was a suspicious purchase. I've decided (again) that bamboo is frustrating and clearly not pointy enough.

Classes are done for the semester now. I failed three students. That's not particularly cool. They were good kids.

Hazel-rah is getting her balls snipped on Tuesday. She was running around my feet on Friday and then suddenly started peeing on me. I called the vet the next morning. Peeing on my feet is not acceptable behavior.

Your bird looks amazing. Shaping has a tendency to confuse and frustrate me. You should publish that pattern. I have a desire to make you some potpourri after reading your entry--I do own a lovely dehydrator. It wishes that it could fulfill more of a destiny than simply making beef jerky and fruit leather repeatedly. I could experiment if you like, although considering the directions say to "age in a tightly sealed jar for 2-6 weeks," I'm guessing that this isn't any potpourri that would be ready in time for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas: Christmas Monster Hats!

Inspired by (and also pattern taken from) Ravelry, these obnoxiously bright pieces of headgear will find their way come Christmas morn onto the heads of little Matthias and Christoph (think ring bearer and his toddler brother). The lime was so brilliant under fluorescent lights that there were times that I had to avert my eyes while knitting this bugger up.

From the same dye lot of kool-aid fruit punch comes bamboozled, which was a quick knit once I got the chart down. This is for Kate. I wore it around the house for a day after making it. It was too much fun to give up right away.

And this is the best.

For my Mutti. The softest thing I've ever felt.

Royal baby alpaca from the local alpaca farm.

Warm and brown and sweet. Cozy cabled mitts. So soft that you almost can't feel them.

I took a break from knitting during exams. That is, I tried to spend more time studying and less time knitting. It's good to come back to the needles and yarn. I now realize that knitting has far more worth than exams. Student temporarily, knitter for life.

By the way, great job on passing your classes! Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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