Thursday, December 20, 2007

Running Post


Said I wasn't going to, but a quick update. Passed anatomy. 4 down, 1 left...biochemistry.

Yup. It's like Nintendo, where the levels get harder and harder, and then all of sudden you're at that last monster who is crazy hard, and impossible, and you just want to throw the controller across the room in anger.

It is now 1:30. The test is at 8:30 tomorrow morning. 19 hours.

19 hours and 194 pages of my personal hell. Make it bigger, I dare you. I didn't even flip the image. Upside down, right-side up, I still can't understand this.

Karen, in all sincerity, all honesty? It's good to fail the students at the level they are at if that is how they are. Because if they don't have the skills, they need to learn how to get them if they even want want to get close to the tarring and feathering that is Medicinal Biochemistry.

Send me some smart chemistry waves.

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