Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Vet's Day


What is even going on? Why has it taken me so long to post anything? I took a look at this page, and you're about the only one contributing. I can't let this happen.

I did enjoy your clean floor; I have a freshly cleaned floor as well. Elisa came over to visit this Saturday, and it gave an excellent reason to clean. She was hanging around in town doing some work and then was projected to be done by six, giving me plenty of time to tidy things up. Except that she was done two hours early. Oops.

Sheldon is naked in this picture but will soon have a shell to hide in. This is an approximation of what he will look like in his new shell:

Pretty sloppy-looking right now but it will be finished soon. I do not doubt this, because he's been so much fun to knit already that I don't think I'll stash him away and forget about him. The shell actually looks far more exciting in person than online. I was surprised and delighted.

I'm using the royal baby alpaca from the local alpaca farm to make my mom some mittens for Christmas. It is blissfully soft and gorgeous yarn to work with. It doesn't seem at all like Christmas should be approaching though. You're right, it's still getting up to 85 and feeling like summer. This is the point at which I gloat. Yay for Arizona.

And now for something completely different.

Not having taken any pictures in Las Vegas, James ended up finding the camera in his pocket at the airport. So we posed with the giant airport creatures. I also posed with some slot machines to recreate my anguish at losing $2 to the slots. However, this picture is horizontal and I wasn't up to the task of orienting it the proper way on the computer. Too much work.

I'm going to work on appropriating some dinner now. Take care Amy. Cozy up to your electric blanket.


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PK said...

Hey Karen--
Totally didn't know you knit! But then again, I didn't pick it up until college...

You're still in the area, I assume?