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Have I told you that we have a saying here called, "P equals MD?" "P" being a pass. There are also the options of "near honors" and "honors," but I like to ignore those. And guess what? Amy is passing! This is always a good thing. After the last two weeks of hell, from biochem to anatomy, is over, we've now got two tests this next week, including a final. But whatever, cell biology and genetics won't kill me. I need to start studying. However, first I got distracted by this, finally, a non-fibrous distraction.

Clean floor. Vacuumed, clean floor. Floor with less stuff on it. Less hair. Less wool. And I'm doing laundry. You know that's impressive. That took awhile.

The blue sweater, which I believe has never surfaced on this blog before, surfaces magically. The camera is back, so I'm just going with it. This really doesn't show much besides the fact that this sweater is almost finished. What you maybe can't tell is that I lengthened the sleeves and the bottom severely. If you've got the yarn, you might as well.
My daily easy knitting in class: creating an angora lining for my handspun mittens. Angora from a Goodwill turtleneck.

Also attempting to create a cashmere liner (also from a Goodwill sweater) for the near completion entrelac gloves...but have gotten distracted from this somehow. Will get back to finishing these eventually.

And dang, do I need a hat. It is getting cold, and I can't take many more days of fly-away hair and cold ears. But I just don't enjoy doing hats. But I need them. I wonder if I'd enjoy hats more back and forth? I doubt it.

In the non-knitting category, Roving needed a little touch-up. He got a couple seams re-stitched (I'm not as good of a hand-sewer as you, Karen) and he got a bit extra stuffing, so that his head isn't so droopy.
And one of the the most exciting pieces of news? A big box came in the mail for me.

A big box that contained a heated mattress pad. These are possibly my favorite things made on earth that are completely technological, besides phones and cars. I love this, because you put it on the bed, and you're warm all over while sleeping! Leave it on during the day, close the door, and your room warms up! You're room in the cold, cold basement during an Iowa Winter! And yes, that is Winter with a capital "W." You know what I'm talking about. I hear it's still about 85 where y'all are. I'm jealous. My mother sent me this in the mail. Yay for moms!

So really...nothing much exciting knitting-wise went by in the last two weeks. Too much studying. This week is more sit and study, so we'll see what gets further along. I'm in that mode where I don't want to be knitting liners, I want to knit crazy new fair-isle mittens and wrist warmers, but I need to keep those out of my mind, or else I'll never get those liners done.

Or perhaps I should keep it all out of my head so I get medical school done. I had a nice weekend. It was the first time in awhile where I haven't felt twitchy in my brain. I don't know how to explain that twitchiness...I suspect it's a mental disorder from being in medical school. I hear it alluded to by other students as well. It's not quite clinical insanity...but it's not normal.

Back to the grindstone. I need to make mention in an up-coming post about a doctor who spoke to us last Wednesday. He was amazing. He makes me want to 1) research with him 2)go into his specialty 3)emulate him. He does sleep disorder research in neurology. To give you an inkling of why I like him? I quote:

"I got inducted recently into the ANA (American Neurological Association) and it's really cool, because they give you this tie with a brain on it!"

Because that's the most important thing about getting inducted somewhere really prestigious and hard to get into. If you get a tie with a brain on it in the deal.

Studying hard, hoping you're still alive,

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Karen said...

Oh my goodness. So many knitted liners for your mittens. I'm surprised. I don't think I'd even have the patience. It's like knitting a project twice. Craziness!