Saturday, November 17, 2007

Genetics Test Tomorrow


Not only a test, but a final! Today, actually, but remember, I like to divide my days by sleep. It's not a new day until you've woken up! That's why I don't have 365 or 366 days a year.

But I just felt like sharing my life...tomorrow (today) I am going to a football game and officially tailgating with Lindsey! And Kris! The wonders of my life do cease, but then they come back again.

This is what happens when I try to take pictures of myself. I am on my knees because there was nowhere to put the camera where I could stand and you could see me.

Things to note:

-I could get rid of that bunching at the armpit with some short rows.
-Even when I add on two extra inches for sweater length, I still need some more. I've already added about another half inch, and will work on some more this week. I think about another inch and a half should do it. The trick is that I'm quite callipygous, and if I stop the sweater at the slope of m=approaching infinity on my buttox, it looks quite delicious and well-proportioned. Too much before or after and my buttox takes over the view. I can't quite explain it, but it's the reason I want to knit my own get the sleeves and the body the correct length for my enormity.
-I've inherited my grandmother's propensity for pictorially chopping the top of peoples' heads off.

I didn't do a sagittal view for you, but trust me, we need about another 1.5".

In other news, the tomato didn't quite make it, even with all the attention (heavy sarcasm) that it has received from it's owners. I deeply enjoy the juxtaposition of the informative tag with the actual tomato.

I just want to point out that I am not one of it's owners.

My body is now growing accustomed to sleeping 4 hours a night. Though today while I was making dinner I felt like somebody was punching me in the chest, and then realized that was my heart beating. So maybe it's still got a little ways to go. Or maybe I should stop blogging and frikkin finish studying for my test.

One more thing to note: it is not a heated blanket. That would be an entirely different world. A heated mattress pad mimics natural heat by having heat actually come out of the bed. I can't stress that enough. As heat rises, this is immensely important for the person lying on top of this pad, as opposed to under a blanket. With a blanket you'd be losing most of the heat as it left the blanket and went into the room around you. With a heated mattress pad, you capture it. Also, it feels damn good on your back after 6 hours in a dissection lab.

Frikkin stupid clinical genetics. I'll karyotype you!

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