Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Knitting Saves Lives

Oh, Amy, I love your picture. That's the type of picture that should go into a knitting magazine. It looks warm and cozy and . . . your right arm must be cold.

How was the football and tailgating? I've officially been now to 1 1/2 football games. Both of them were highschool games. One of them wasn't even my highschool. Here is a conversation I had with Jessie, my study partner:
J: Did you go to the football game last night?
K: No.
J: Why not? We beat the second best team in the nation!
K: I am not sure I understand why people get so excited about sports.
J: It's fun! You have team spirit.
K: You know what's fun? Watching fights in hockey. I like hockey.
J: I wouldn't have expected that.

I was sitting in on a group meeting during the start of the game. They started it off with fireworks. The game, not the group meeting. I was rather impressed, but I think that if I had gone, the resulting game would have been a disappointment compared to the initial fireworks.

I've decided that I am relatively lazy. Incredibly lazy if compared to you. Though perhaps only relatively lazy when compared with the rest of my peers. I need to decide by tomorrow what group I'm going into. And . . . yeah. I'm totally going the education route. Of course, I may change my mind by tomorrow since I've been changing my mind about five times a day. But if I write it maybe it will stick. I'm just not really caring about chemistry right now. I think perhaps I enjoy more so the mental exercise of accomplishing a homework set than the practical application of doing anything for real. Well, it's not really that either, I don't know. All I know is that I am now knitting during all of my classes, and I used to reserve knitting for the classes that I didn't care particularly much about. Maybe it's just that I love knitting. Who knows.

How did your exam go? Do you have off for thanksgiving? I'm pretty sure I won't be having turkey this year. It's not exactly worth it to cook a turkey for two people. I was invited to a tur-duk-en feast with some of the other graduate students, but I don't think I'll be able to make it with James (he gets out of work late) and I wouldn't want to leave him on thanksgiving. So, we'll see.

I sent out my RSVP to Elisabeth's wedding this morning, so I am officially coming back to Wisconsin!! It will be good to come back.

I have to go to class now. I was going to post pictures of my completed alpaca mitts, but I'm in my office procrastinating, and the camera is at home.

Enjoy your heated mattress pad. I may buy more yarn today.


ps. Oh, I forgot about my title. I'll get to that later.

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