Friday, October 19, 2007



I thought your days might need a pick-me-up. I know you love this song, and I sincerely enjoy the costumes and dancing. Ra ra rah!

In other news, while studying last night I fell asleep with all the lights on and didn't wake up until my roommate called me from the bus. She was worried that I wasn't awake. She was right. I quick threw on clothes and hopped in my car and drove and barely made it in time to the test. If she wouldn't have called, I wouldn't have made it, and likely failed the class, since that test is half our entire grade. This also means I would have to take off an entire year of school just to retake that class, but still pay full tuition. I am so in her debt right now it's not even funny.

Also, I've only had a cup of coffee for edibles/drinkables this entire morning, so my entire body is quivering in overcaffeination combined with hypoglycemia. I'm going to go eat some sugar. Straight up.

I love ya. I really do.


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