Friday, October 19, 2007

This is called, Karen almost lost James his job


Entrelac looks crazy. It reminds me of something an insane person would wear. Someone who teases their hair like Helena Bonham Carter. I don't know anything about her, I'm not implying that she's insane, but the look fits. I also imagine the wearer of those gloves wearing a giant skirt with plenty of layers so that it poofs out. Wait a minute. I know who I am imagining wearing those gloves. It's so obvious. A vogue knitting model. We still need to declare a day in which we, too, will dress as vogue knitting models in our wildest and craziest of knitting attire.

Okay, I started this blog on Friday, but then we talked about things, and so I just erased some stuff that would seem redundant.

But here is my relief that I must share now and then finish the post later. James had this test today (not the one on Friday that we're fearing, but some other one). But still, if he didn't pass, he could lose his job. Nothing to worry about, really, though. He practically had the test and its answers to study from. Only, I set alarm mistakenly for 4:30 PM instead of AM. Woke up at six. And oh, I've been spending the whole morning worried that I cost him his job. But no! James is still employed!! At least until Friday. More updates on that to come.


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Amy said...

It truly is like we're living double lives. And you almost gave me a heart attack with that title. Seriously. I almost keeled over.