Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just in case


It seems that some peoples were concerned with my post a couple days ago, which may have been slightly dark and depressing for a knitting blog. That is too bad. It is my life. What more shall I do?

Yay for gloves! Entrelac is fun in the...very, very dark, dreary, and confusing lecture halls.

And the gray mystery is nearing completion!

Just in case anyone else is curious, Shostakovich wrote his 8th String Quartet the year after the 1st Cello Concerto which Karen alludes to in her comments. At 1:56 in the 2nd link, you hear a theme directly out of the very top of the first movement of the Cello concerto. That one is also great fun.

I had a good day. Other that my first biochemistry class, when I didn't have any coffee yet. Then I crumbled and grumbled, and finally found some coffee. Then the day was far better until this evening, when I realized I have not studied this material for genetics to the level at which it needs to be known. So, to that effect, I make my graceful exit.


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