Tuesday, October 16, 2007

if you want to sing out sing out


I imagined myself chewing the grass today--figuratively speaking--but found myself unable to. My figurative grass is more like hay I think; it's dry and stiff. My saliva cannot penetrate. And then I spit it out, unable to chew.

On an unrelated topic, my stomach is shrinking. I feel mildly as though my dependence on food is diminishing. I also feel like I'm not responsible enough to make my own food yet.

Homecoming, how happy. It has such a nice ring. I never went to the parade, did you go this year? Did you know that when you have children and they join a sports team that you are expected to go to every game? I find this insurmountable. That is most likely why I don't have children yet.

This is my beautiful male rabbit, whom I continue to refer to as a "she" because I'm already used to the pronoun and find it difficult to change. Which leads me to think about the hypothetical circumstance that someday someone I know will have a sex change and I will forever be using the wrong pronoun in reference to him or her.

This is Hazel-Rah in his torpedo position. I guess you can't see the shape very well from this angle, but it reminds me of a torpedo. When he's all floppy and lazy and lying on the floor you could pet him, fold over his ears, cup your hands over his eyes, or move his body like a mop on the floor, and he wouldn't budge. Only don't try to pick him up, because then he'll run away.

This is Hazel on the skateboard. He won't go very far, because James removed the wheels.

And Hazel with some spinach on her. Him. Whatever.

I went to the fridge to get some happy food and came back with creamed corn. Is it wrong that that seemed the happiest thing in our kitchen?

I went to a seminar yesterday. It was a student in her last year of grad school. She wasn't a very good speaker and I was kind of tuning her out, but I liked her, because in the end of her presentation, she showed pictures of all the people that she wanted to thank. Only she had photo-shopped the pictures so that her faculty adviser was a gremlin and some other member of her group was Indiana Jones and etc. for at least 10 people. I thought it added a pleasant amount of accessibility to her project. But then the faculty grilled her with questions and I came away with a sense of hopelessness.

When the possibility of moving to Las Vegas was still up for grabs, I looked into the university there and found that it was only a couple of blocks away from the strip. Somehow that calmed me and made me feel as though I could handle the level of chemistry at that school. I find the big picture far more overwhelming than the hypothetical 2x2 on my hypothetical desk.

I still need to get a desk. Is it wrong to go shopping for artwork before practical needs have been fulfilled? I went into this second-hand store, only it was a good one, and they had all of this shiny jewelry and I got a pair of earrings in the shape of whisks. Whisk whisk whisk whisk whisk!! And they had lovely shiny loopy costume jewelry that made me think of you. I would have bought you earrings, but they were clip-ons. There were llama cuff-links there.

Oh wait, this is a knitting blog . . . I feel like I don't have any friends . . . or any interesting knitting news. Didn't you knit your washcloth in cotton?

I need to buy buttons.


ps. I think I inhaled a fair amount of carcinogens today. Lab=sparklers. Lab=incoherent Karen.

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Your mom's a carcinogen.