Sunday, October 14, 2007



It was lonely without you, dear, but I went to homecoming this past weekend, and it was a lovely time. Weird when you feel out of place, though. I feel old. Pretty much no knitting got done this weekend. I think I put in a few rows on a finger. Yup. A finger of a glove got maybe 3 rows done. That's how much not-knitting I did.

I did go to a dance, and showcased my ability to dance to rap, latin, soul, general retro, jazz, whatever. It helps when you have an amazing partner.

We also discovered some...swords? Something...and we dueled to the death for awhile. Until we decided that dueling to the death was silly, since we both wanted each other to live.

I was told my face was a bit proud. Obviously this is only because I am the most amazing bamboo sword (?) fighter ever, and it comes through in these pictures.

I won't duel you, Karen, unless you train for at least 12 years first. Just in case I forget to restrain myself.


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Karen said...

What's the sac theme this year?