Thursday, October 11, 2007



While I don't entirely apologize for the craziness of yesterday's post (was it yesterday? two days ago? everything blends...) I did forewarn you. Let me explain.

I am tired. I am very, very tired. My insides feel like they are vibrating, I am so tired. I don't know why, I even looked through some books, and they don't talk about guts vibrating. Let's ignore that. My brain is ceasing to work, however. And thus, my latest post? That was actually ruminations on the difficulties of dissection. Very abstract ruminations, because I didn't want to gross people out. Because, Karen, my dear, you really don't stomach those things well. So there you are. Eventually all medical students become crazy. Once we're bad enough, they call us interns. Then you begin the process of becoming uncrazified, eventually resulting in becoming a full-fledged doctor! Some people take longer than others, such as cardiologists, or pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons. Actually, the surgeons never really lose it. And then they kind of get arrogant, because their patients are mostly asleep and, while awake, daren't damage the ego of someone who is about to rummage inside them. I digress.

I knit a cotton preemie cap for the preemie project, which collects baby caps for all the teeny tiny babes in the hospital, of which we have a high amount, comparatively with a regular hospital. This made me realize something:

1) Preemie knitting goes even faster than baby knitting
2) I hate knitting with cotton. So painful. My right wrist was shot all yesterday. I could barely write. My wrists just can't take that harsh of a fiber! So right now I'm working on a cashmere lining for the gloves I'm knitting. I really, really like cashmere to knit with. It has about zero elasticity, but really, who cares. It is so soft and lovable, you just want to hug it and knit with it all day. Cashmere doesn't hurt your wrists. Cashmere and cotton shouldn't even both start with "C," they are so not in the same category. I'm going to start thinking "Kashmir" when I think of it now, because we all know that "K" is so much better than "C."

I want to introduce you to someone I met in my genetics class today!

This is Godfrey Harold Hardy, one of the founders of the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium concept/equation. Apparently he played Cricket with Reinald Punnett (of the square variety) who told him about the problem of population genetics, and Hardy figured it out! They showed this pic in class today, and the girl with a good sense of humour and I both burst out laughing. Because look at him. My first thought was, "He looks like he's about to attack the camera-man with those hands. And that face!" My next thought was, "Oh, my gosh! NO! He wants to knit! He's got his hands ready to go, and nobody ever taught him, and this was his cry for help." Look at how depressed he seems. It's because he's not knitting, Karen.

We could have helped Hardy. I feel sad that he is dead 60 years and that he never learned. It's really a shame. So many people's lives could be improved by knitting.

Biochem test tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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