Thursday, September 27, 2007

In Color


As I really have been working on things, a brief play by play of my life, in picture format. Well, the crafting part of my life. The other part is far too boring or exciting to take pictures of.

78% Merino, 22% Nylon.

New pot from Goodwill in back left.

Alpaca lace, mystery brand, purchased in bulk on ebay junior year.

Is it a squid?
What is it?
I appologize that all the pictures are slanty. When I told them to go on here, they were not. Perhaps at some point when I don't have a cell biology test tomorrow, I will fix this.

Or maybe not.

Do you remember when Sarah and I turned all the posters in our room upside-down to represent our inner selves? However, I really don't think I'm at that point yet. So perhaps they shall be fixed.

Love ya,

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