Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another Running Blog Entry


I am dying yarn, yet it is not turning out well at the moment. You see, when I added all the dark brown dye, attempting to get brown, I did not.

It turned cherry red.

Cherry as in the top of your Dr. Pepper bottle cherry. While this is not a nasty color at all, it is not brown. Which was the goal.

Luckily, I realized that

1) I had too much yarn and too little water in the pot for it to dye evenly and
2) It was red

before it got too terrible, and I threw out the red freakish dye water and threw in a bit of khaki and golden brown to change it up. Because maybe that will work? I may need more khaki in order to counteract the red. You know, green + red = brown. Maybe. Maybe that will work.

Oh the stress of life.

I came to some major realizations in my life.

This sweater, which I don't even think I told you about, but which I have been obsessed with, has to go. It is scratchy. Far too scritchy scratchy. 60% Alpaca 40% merino, but sure doesn't feel like it. It almost feels synthetic nasty. That's what I get for randomly buying offline when I haven't felt it before. The place is yarntreehouse on ebay, and this sure doesn't feel like the blend it is stated to be.

I put down this sweater awhile, pondering what I would do (I had taken these pictures earlier documenting where it was driving me crazy with it's messed up gauge) and then I realized. The 78% merino 22% nylon blend! Surely it would dye nicely for me and be the sweater I want!

We'll see if I can fix it. However, I don't hold too much hope. In the meanwhile, I've still been busy.

Blue cashmere, ripped from a Goodwill Sweater, and not nearly as shiny as it looks. Actually, it is the opposite of shiny. It is dull and soft. The yarn not in a ball (I had to wash it) shall be the lining for a pair of gloves, possibly one at the bottom at this post.

Once very purple Linda Allard and Ellen Tracy sweater, 70% wool, 30% silk.
One shinier than it looks teal 2XL Men's Peruvian Connection Sweater, 80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Silk.
I must say, these are two of the most (probably) expensive sweaters I've ever ripped. $4 for me, but much more for someone else out there. The purple is gorgeous. Probably the highest quality of yarn I've really ever worked with. It doesn't feel like wool when it's in the sweater, it's so soft. I can't believe I actually felt that it was when I was going through the racks and checked the tag. But it is immensely high quality, and was a dream to rip. The teal was not a dream to rip. It is what we call exactly the opposite of a dream to rip. But let's forget about that. Like in the Hip Hop Kids, "Well, you need to get past that, because they got ripped, and that's all they is."

And maybe you know what this is now?

Sorry the pics are a bit blurry, hard to take them indoors. And it is a'raining outside, so that was not happening.

Man, I need to speed up my Exit Scrategy! I'm going to dance it out of this post!


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