Thursday, September 20, 2007

Decreasing woes


Your socks are gorgeous. Don't be afraid to wear them! Everyone else will just be jealous of your knitting/embroidery skills.

At the moment, I'm feeling rather inept at my knitting skills, so I marvel at your lovely socks.

It's a little hard to see, but here is a decrease pattern for my hat. Nice, soft alpaca, decreasing terribly. It looks gap-y and the decreases are pulling away from the rest of the hat. I tried to take it out and re-start the decreases differently, but it hasn't improved terribly.


On a less disappointing note, I now have a lovely bunny hopping around in my apartment.

Is it this bunny?

Or this bunny?

Or this one?

No, I did not get an angora rabbit. But I definitely also did not get a mini lop. My bunny dealer apparently didn't know what breed she was selling.

This is Hazel-rah, named of course after the courageous rabbit leader in Watership Down. We wanted her to aspire to live up to great feats, so we named her after a great rabbit; albeit a fictional one. You may wonder about the plunger. No, this is not a photo-shoot prop. She does enjoy spending time in the bathroom. As well as squished into the tiniest places she can get to, such as the crack between the refrigerator and the wall, and the space behind the washing machine. Oh dear.

While I'm at it, here is a picture of my new harness and climbing shoes.

The most uncomfortable and expensive shoes I've ever bought.

Although I've been promised that the shoes will stretch and I may even be able to feel my toes again, I may never be able to fully uncurl my toes in these shoes. It's to get better grip on the rocks.

There's a climbing wall near the school, so James and I have been going up on weekends to climb! Plus there are real mountains around and climbing clubs, so James is in heaven and I'm trying to catch up.

The graduate coordinator told me when I came to visit that I would not have time to knit as a graduate student. Oh! So wrong. If I have time to commute for three hours a day, I totally have time to knit. And climb. Occasionally. And pet the bunny.

Or do the laundry, which I will leave you now to finish.

Take care! Wear those socks!


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