Thursday, August 9, 2007



I still stand by my statement of last week. However, the stress continues. I can't write now, I just can't look at a computer screen anymore. I'll say this:

I burned wool in my subleased apartment. It smells like burning flesh. Yes, the apartment does. Still. I burnt it bad. Smoke everywhere.

The other person moved back in so we couldn't clean it out completely.

I moved out.

I moved in.

I am swamped at work so that I worked until 7 tonight. And I'll probably do some more work as well later tonight. I worked here, at home, until 11:30 last night.

I missed the bus multiple times today, got on at one point, realized I had forgotten something, ran back here, picked it up, and proceeded to miss the bus some more.

I need to return a spinning wheel, but I can't when I need to (this Saturday).

I am really stressed out.

I am reading Harry Potter. Because I really need to get away from this reality right now.

I have to present my research in a little under two weeks and I haven't even collected all the data.

I'm screwed, just screwed, all over. All over. You know I'm screwed when I randomly find myself tearing up at work and singing, "Everyone knows I'm in over my head, over my head. 8 seconds into overtime..."(because I am in over my head right now, and I'm going to have to work past when I'm getting paid, officially, because I have to finish this research.)

I'll get back to you when I can. Good luck! Congrats on the desk! I'm going into La la land for awhile, now.


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Karen said...

Let me know when your research is settled. Not only do I want to do a happy celibratory dance for you when it is, but I also don't want to pester you until you've got that taken care of.

Be strong!