Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I love traffic.

Ideal. I had my first TA experience this morning. Nice group. Lots of pre-med students. I was an hour and a half late. Yeah. My morning wasn't stressful at all. There was a lorrie that was burning on the freeway and I was sitting a few miles away, behind a line of cars, for two hours. Most of that time I was trying to find the number for the teaching lab so I could tell them I wasn't going to make it on time. It was not very helpful that the university's info desk opens at 7:45 and my lab starts at 8. Nor was it helpful that only about one in five calls that I attempted remained undropped (there was poor reception). Oh dear. The second hour that I was waiting, however, I did work on my knitting. There was some stress relief in that. I was glad I brought it along.

We have spontaneous company this evening. James' friend from college (the one he went to before he transfered) is in Tucson. He's there on some type of work or business trip. Staying in a lovely, expensive hotel, but for some reason is opting to give that up for one night to sleep on an inflatable mattress on our living room floor. Luxury, I tell you. Anyway, I get to pick him up in an hour.

This keyboard, on my desk, has crusty keys. Really. Like if I scraped off the top of the keys (especially 'y' and 'b') I would have a gross film underneath my fingernail. Interesting.

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