Thursday, August 9, 2007

chemists who knit

There are three incoming graduate students (including myself) that are knitters. I feel that camaraderie is on the horizon. I brought my mitten project to work on during the down time, but so far no one else has braved to bring their needles within sight. Hopefully this will change. From what I know, the other two are baby knitters. They like to make baby projects for infants. But that's all I know. It's kind of like detective work so far.

I've had orientation since Monday, but nothing particularly useful yet (besides the knitting information). We start learning about how to TA tomorrow, which is actually something a bit practical. When do you start your medical classes? Oh! And I got a desk today! That was exciting. With a computer. Although it doesn't quite work yet. We'll have to see about that. Or rather, someone else will, because I wouldn't want to fiddle with it. The desk was also covered in boxes and other people's junk (you know, the type of stuff you don't know where to put so you just put it on someone else's desk), but it has since been cleared off. I'll have real internet in the apartment on Saturday, so I won't have to go to the library to type and read. Oh! And James is coming tomorrow!!! With his family. I had the morning off so I made bread. And lasagna. Mmmm. I am so hungry. But I have to wait around for Elisa, because when she's done with work we are going out to eat somewhere. And tomorrow I'll see James again! Hooray.

Wishing you an excitingly accurate and precise day,

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