Tuesday, June 12, 2007



You seem to be under the impression that we are going to, herein, use this only as a knitting blog. Nothing could be further from my mind. You see, you posted loveliness about your halter and then proceeded to relay to me your stories via email about the rest of your life.

My question for you today is, can we separate knitting from the rest of our lives, and if we did, would we want to? I can't help but want to think about knitting and crafting and dying and spinning all the live-long day! I think we need to set out and deliniate exactly what we want to do here. I mean, I cannot imagine letting a knitting blog only be for knitting, because I have to spin. I may not know how to spin very well, but I certainly enjoy it. I'm almost finished (20 g left) with my first spinning for the pair of mittens/gloves I'm going to make. And by almost you must realize that it takes me forever to spin because I'm not entirely that good at it and I get distracted easily. I'm super excited.

In any case, spinning is as much of a part of my knitting overall process as is the rest of my life. My life factors into how much I knit, where I knit, what I knit. I mean, K, you're down in the brand-spankin' new Mexico, and obviously we're not going to need as many thrummed mittens down there as you needed in Ioway. I feel that we should write whatever we want on here. My word, pretty much no one even knows that this exists besides Kris and James.

It's up to you darling. I don't feel bad about displaying my thoughts in public as long as we never throw a last name or other identifying info on here. But you may feel differently. It might evolve into a happy medium, where some things go on here, and others are private. But I think everything you emailed me about was appropriate to put on here, and I personally plan to rant as much as I like on this thing.

What are your thoughts?

My thoughts drift heavily toward buying a cable so that I can upload some dang pictures. This is so texty.

Remind me to tell you how I unclogged my toilet yesterday. Somebody's a genious, and it's not me for once.


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