Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hey K,

This rainbow that you are about to experience is available to you today because of something extermely exciting. I'm not sure the exact name of it. I call it my memory card XD USB converter whatchmacallit. It's lovely function is to transform the images of my life here in the cornfields to you over there in the cactus...fields.

First of all, guess what arrived in the mail from knitpicks yesterday? Remember when I tested the jacquard dyes? I might have picked up a couple more.

What? You're thinking that's a very small order from me? Well, first of all, I wanted another few dyes, but they were out! Unavailable for me! Argh. So the dying waits again another day for something from these nice people.

You'd be so proud of me living on my own. Not that your not living on your own, but I'm proud of you too. I even unclogged the toilet a couple days ago without a plunger. I'm still trying to figure out the science of that one, but apparently if you pour liquid detergent in your toilet, then pour buckets of preferable hot water from as high as you can into the toilet. And Whoosh! it all goes down.

I don't know why either.

So what's up with my life? I made a ballband dishcloth! It was super-fun. I highly reccomend. I dyed the pink myself, but it was my first experiment in cotton-dying, so it didn't turn out exactly the right shade.

That's almost entirely knit on public transportation. And at another wedding. Other than yours, I mean.

Do note that the DVD says "Fitness for beginners." Because it's not really a bellydance DVD. Or a hardcore workout DVD, though my abs are burning. It's fitness for people who can hardly do anything. People like me. I've been doing a bit of exercise ever since I tried to bike to work and realized that I'm obscenely out of shape. I mean, I have about a 7-10 minutes bike ride to and from work. This is an estimate, because I've only done it once. That one time was hell. I mean, it was perfect weather, I had my helmut on, and oh help me, my legs just stopped working. I literally could not make them peddle any more. I had to embarrasingly walk my bike back to the apartment. That was bad.

My life has been a bit crazy lately. I went to get my eyes checked out today with my new ophthalmologist, and she was freaked out that I still wore the contacts I did. Apparently they are close to obsolete. She says my eyes didn't have permanent damage yet. Yet being the key word there. I've already got new contacts that we're trying out, which gave me literally double vision the first time I tried them on. An interesting phenomenon, when you're looking at something and then suddenly another jumps right next to it. I also had my eyes dilated, which meant that walking through the very well lit and windowy hallways at work was about killing me. I probably looked like the little girl from the ring with my hair hanging all around my face, trying to block out the sun.

I have plantar fasciitis, which means that I must wear good-for-me shoes.

I haven't decided to keep them yet, and am just wearing them around the house. Lovely fashion. At least they're pink.

I've been spinning! I've got about 12 grams left of the wool before I'm done with my first batch. The color is my interpretation of Monet's Waterlilies, because it's really the exact same thing. This is not all that is spun, by the way. More is hiding elsewhere.

This was found at the hometown Goodwill, and I am at a loss with what to do with her.

A beautiful lambswool sweater from the Gap, size L. Doesn't fit like a dream, but does fit. Is scratchy. What to do! It's a really good sweater, but while I'm at work, someone has been getting a little lonely in the apartment during the day.

I know you've already met Roving. Believe it or not, he keeps me warm at night sometimes. Literally. If I just put him on my chest when I'm chilly, the wool does it's thing. Anyhow, I was wondering if he might want a play-mate. But I don't know.

Meanwhile, here's the works in progress. And a purse. Which contains another work in progress.

One of them is my current focus. Guess which?

Love ya,

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