Tuesday, April 17, 2012

tri trip

We had a weekend of fun in Phoenix and Tucson these past few days. James competed in the Marquee triathlon (olympic distance). It was his first time using a wetsuit and also using his new tri bike plus all the fancy gear that he has accumulated this last year.

Do I have pictures? No! I am so bad at taking pictures! I do have video, from which I might be able to eek out a still frame, but the cord for the camera is in the room where little M is sleeping. I don't think I should risk waking her. I'm so bad at this.

So each time that we go up to Phoenix for a tri we end up eating at PF Chang's. Last year we had a super friendly waiter that we remembered, and this year we had him again! Only I didn't recognize him at first because he grew all this facial hair and looked like that guy from Batman. Actually, yes. He looked exactly like him.

There you go! There's your picture! Anyway, the fun part was that he remembered us too, and even remembered where had sat the last time. I took that as evidence that he really did remember us and wasn't just placating us when we asked him if he was our waiter from last year.

I'm pretty impressed by people who have that kind of recall. I am the exact opposite. I saw this girl once on campus, and I kept thinking that I knew her from somewhere. It was bugging me, because I had this nagging feeling that I should know who she was. And finally I realized that she was my student from a semester ago. One semester ago! And it's not like I have hundreds of students at a time. There's at most 50. Not two months ago, I had known her by name. And then suddenly I could barely recognize her. There's no way I could go into the service industry. I'm just horrible at that sort of thing.

Okay. I braved the nursery and got the camera cord. Let's see if I can get a picture out of this for you. I mean, I could just put the video up, but then you would have to listen to my silly narration. Okay, there! A blurry picture of James in his alien helmet:

Pretty spiffy, huh? And it took way too much time for me to figure out how to convert a video to a blurry picture, so I think I'm done for now. Next time I'll take the camera out.


PS. Happy tax day to you.

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