Thursday, February 16, 2012

Branching out

Hey K, Medieval Mice! Oh goodness. So cute. Alan Dart's knitting, for the most part, seems almost unattainable to me because it always looks so amazing. I started looking through all his patterns and I now have a deep desire to make Natural Nativity. I've been on a bit of a spinning jag recently. Yesterday when Kris was out to game night, which I don't go to, I was sorting through a box of extra "stuff" we had sitting in our mini-hallway when all of a sudden I found a piece of white cotton cloth. I have no idea where it was or what I had been planning to do with it. However, I know what I did do last night.

Oh yeah, look at those colors!   There were, I estimate 3-4 yards of fabric, so I ripped it into shorter quarter-half yards and looked up how to dye cotton.  Strangely enough, I own Procion dyes for cotton, even though I have never dyed cotton before.  Yes.  I own probably about 20 colors.

Don't they look pretty drying next the window?  I should make a tutorial on how I did this for people like me who are scared to dye cotton, because it was even easier than dying wool.  I dyed it in ziplock baggies.

 I'm pretty much in love.  Do you need some fabric dyed for a quilt?

I actually do have a project in mind for these.  I borrowed my mom's sewing machine.  Abagail Glassenberg is a true fiber artist who makes gorgeous softies.  I adore her birds, which may be about the ultimate for me in sewn creations. She somewhat recently published a book called "the Artful Bird," from which I have yet to create anything since I have had a lack of time and sewing machine.  Oh little birds, here we come!

In addition, I started a secret project today that combined chemistry with art.  Better living, here we come!

I'll let you know how it goes.  

Oh, also! About a week ago I tried weaving again.  I remembered I don't like weaving, so you don't get pictures of that.  It's sitting in a pile in a corner.  I wove about an inch before I stopped.


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Karen said...

Yay! Welcome back to blogging! Everything you make is colorful and vibrant and lovely as always.