Wednesday, October 19, 2011

German and Lace

Good news! I found our favorite German restaurant again. It burned down earlier this year, and will now be in its third location, in about as many years. This place is great, and the owner is actually from Germany, so we get to hear German banter between her and the other patrons, plus delicious food. When it burned down, we still had some weisswurst in our freezer, but that is now long gone, so we may have to stop by to stock up again.

However, I should mention that our freezer is now full instead of homemade bratwurst and hot italians. Yum. Maybe we'll just have to stop by for lunch instead.

I got James some kitchen-aid attachments for his birthday so he could start out with the basics and slowly work his way up to charcuterie greatness. So far, so good. Best. Bratwurst. Ever. I approve.

In other news, I also approve of this lace knitting:

Yesterday I decided against a piece of pie, because it would mean that I would have to pause the knitting in order to eat the pie. That's how dedicated I am to lace knitting.


PS. Now that it's uploaded, I realize you can't make out many details on the lace. It's pretty, I promise.

PPS. Ich habe fast alles meine Deutsch vergessen. Wenn ich ins Restaurant gehe, kann ich etwas verstanden, aber ich bin leider zu vorsicht Deutsch zu sprechen.

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