Monday, February 16, 2009



No, I'm not talking about the dance. I'm very much in limbo with my knitting. I recently gifted a baby surprise, which will be blogged soon, the project with the Bollywood Streets yarn is blocking at this very moment, and I just have the ears and face to finish on another toy. I've finished up a hat or 2 I need to photograph and put up here for you, too. And a lovely cowl.

And then there are a whole other hoard of projects I've got attacking me from all sides...

-Embroidery on Pagliaci
-Forecast, which needs to have the ribbing frogged and increased into more ribbing (I don't want it too tight at my abdomen)
-Legwarmers -->possibly Mosey, but I've been lusting after Kusi's Stitch Sampler Legwarmers
-Oh, Salina, you're just lingering. I don't even know where I'm at in that sweater. Increases or decreases somewhere.
-Lace Cardigan! How long ago did I start that. Undergrad. That's sad. It just needs another front and sleeves.
-There's one pair of socks that just needs a tiny bit of reworking at the top and a cast-off and it'd be done. Oh my gosh. Why haven't I finished these?
-Rug-sewing together
-Spring Shibori -finish the shibori! Already knitted, need to felt with stones
-Top-down delight --lovely yarn, why I am not knitting on this I do not remember
-Chunky scarf-more recent, lovely pattern, takes too much time to follow the chart, which I do not have
-Sandwich gloves II for my sister-was going to give to her for her birthday, Feb 1, oh my. Come on Amy. Get with the program.

What I really need to finished? The sandwich gloves. And then I want to try and knit an anatomical heart for the American Heart walk. Shhhh, ignore the giant list of WIPs I just made. But the sandwich gloves are getting me down. I'm just not into them anymore, they are depressing me with their constant gloveness. Sometimes I just can't shake the feeling that the color looks like unicorn vomit.

Okay, I don't fully know what that means, but I think you can read betewen the lines. I'm bored with them and want to move on. We all know that I have the knitter's equivalent of ADHD. I just feel like I want to start some new projects. I don't even know what, or if I have enough needles that are, um, not otherwise occupied.

Somebody talk me down.


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