Sunday, July 27, 2008



I had a dream that I went to your parents' house for Easter and we met up and were going to do some crafting, only I didn't have any yarn and so I couldn't make anything. Which is true in real life as well. I am growing frantic with basically nothing to work on. Well that's not exactly true. I do have a six-month old mitten project that I decided to rip back to increase the length . . . but that's about it. How did this happen?

It starts with me not being you. That is, I don't stash. (James would disagree, but he doesn't really know anything about knitting.) Then we add on the fact that I happen to have recently finished the few projects that I was working on. And while I had projects lined up to start after I was done, I didn't bother to buy the yarn until just now. So I put in an order online, not yet able to bring myself to trust the "local" yarn store again after the tragedy with the previous sock yarn.

It's been two weeks and the yarn has not yet arrived. No yarn! No knitting! Withdrawal!

I am barely coping.

Plus we just moved and our house has giant house spiders. Well, perhaps not authentic giant house spiders, but they are huge and they are spiders and they do make me worry that when I sleep at night they are going to crawl into my mouth. Even if that is just an urban legend.

Did I tell you that my plan was to train for a triathlon? Isn't that ridiculous? Can you even see me doing that? Well, I've been running in the mornings with Dutch (who likes to occasionally dart into the street when he spots roadkill), although now that we've moved I don't have a route. It's probably just an excuse, because it shouldn't take too long to figure out a running path, but I am enjoying sleeping in.

You will be moving soon? Our house is lovely--despite the few bugs. I wish I was close enough for people to visit, because it feels a little big for the two of us. I also wish James was working less so he could help me put all of our crap away. I also wish my yarn would arrive.


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