Monday, July 7, 2008

Camera too much work


Babe! I missed you. Love the sock...interesting colors. Seems you had a bit of pooling going on there. I can direct you to this Rav page of very bad examples of pooling...yours may not be the worst.

I miss ya, babe. The summer is already looking at it's middle point and heading toward the end. Argh! And thus, I must sleep to be ready to work hard tomorrow, so you's getting no pictures. Just imagine for the time being. Perhaps someday it will not be 90 degrees outside with a dew point of 73, whatever that means. (I'm told that means it's hot. I could have told you that.)

So sorry I've been gone for so very long, anybody whos wondered. I know it seems as if I was swept up by the floodwaters and carried off down to Missouri. Thankfully, no, I'm still maintaining my existence in this sludge and mud filled town. While the water levels are still apparently in the flood range, we don't need a boat to get through town anymore.

So while I became extremely pent up in my house and Kriss, thank goodness I was still able to get to him, I first went actual crazy, then went craft crazy. I think the craftiness was to deal with the actual insanity. I was a bit inspired, and over the flood break I mostly worked on two things:

1) A recycled fused plastic bag messenger bag with an octopus on it.

2) A giant squid softie, or stuffed squid. However, when I say I made a stuffed squid over the break, most people think I cooked, which I did not. We were supposed to conserve water and electricity. So in a very greasy, hungry, smelly manner, I crafted.

Since then Ive been doing a bit of knitting with my handspun llama on this lace scarf. However, you can see a few problems highlighted in the picture. I messed up where I was in the repeat and added to many holes. This automatically makes it not state fair worthy. In addition, I dont know that I really like the pattern all that much. Thoughts, comments, queries?

All in all, my life was pretty boring! Ive started exercising a lot for me, which is about an hour a day. Kris and I revel in each others company. Wed never actually been together for a full week before where neither of us had to study. Its delightful. And Im crafting! My next plan is to finish the octopus bag and work on some grocery store reusable fabric bags. For these Id love to use decorator fabric with a night tight weave and sturdy hand, but theres not much selection for the price at the Jo-Anns here, and while I love the Japanese cottons from Home Ec, I just cant handle $18/yd for grocery bag fabric.

The sheep and wool festival that my cousin and I were going to be at near Des Moines was unfortunately cancelled. Which was disappointing, obviously, since I was planning on hanging out and learning some new information on my favourite fiber activities. And then our college reunion was canceled/rescheduled, so Ive just been lying low, trying to get healthy. Spending too much money on athletic wear in the hopes that it will help.

So I told people that Id do a few things this summer since I had timeand Ive definitely not gotten to them yet, but Ill list them so far, just to hold myself accountable:

1) Write up a good, solid, complete pictorial instruction on how to dismantle and frog sweaters

2) Write up the pattern for my reversible cable scarf that Im callingPhase Shift, which I think would be much better if I just turned it into an instruction on how to change regular cables into reversible cables. (Which I dont know how to do yet, but Ive got some ideas.

So there you go. Thats how I am, take it or leave it.

As my instructional Yoga DVD says, Namaste,



Karen said...

I'm enjoying chico bags for groceries. Perhaps not so beautiful as yours will be, but they are convenient for fitting in the purse(albeit large enough to make my purse seem bulky)

Karen said...

So, I have to ask. Is atlas shrugged really your favorite? What about the fountainhead? It's just that atlas was so disappointing to me.