Monday, June 2, 2008

Tap tap tap...Is this thing on?


Hallo? I am sleepy and tired, and have had a bit of a crazy last few weeks. If you couldn't tell from the fact that I haven't posted anything. However, I am still here. Barely. Very tired, going to bed.


-Passed 1st year of medical school
-Kris graduated
-Saw parents
-Slept lots
-Went shopping, bought lots of clothes that fit my body since I've gained weight (from passing medical school and not moving)
-Visited Kris
-Kris went to New York, spent night almost in Bronx (better than in airport, still sketchy hotel)
-Amy went to work, realized once again that she could never do a desk job for more than a summer
-Visited home
-Grandpa turned 90
-Watched fireworks
-Visited Parkersburg, am still in shock
-Picked Kris up from airport
-Stopped for food at Culvers, and couldn't leave: car broken, won't start
-While car broken, moved Kris into new apartment for summer (in same city as me!)
-Tried car again, Yay! Turning on of car means I can drive it back to house
-Got Kris ready for first day of life after undergrad
-Kris, in sleepiness, accidentally locked door so that roommate couldn't get back in house later
-Went to appt (doctor's)
-Went to work, got bad migraine
-Wanted to leave work, but didn't, still got nothing done
-Gets call from roommate, locked out of house
-Gets picked up by brother-in-law, pick up Kris, go home and let roommate in house
-Makes brother-in-law check house for burglers or strange people in fit of paranoia
-Kris and BIL look at car
-BIL quickly diagnoses problem
-Buy fuel pump
-Kris and BIL install fuel pump, Amy brings beer and brownies for happiness
-Men rinse off since BIL was doused in gasoline while installing said pump
-Everyone goes out for Mexican
-Car works
-Amy collapses at home and types up summary before sleep

Sleepy and tired,

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Kris said...

Yeah for summaries!!!