Friday, June 6, 2008

back to the brown

Hey A,

It's been too long!! I've been out of state, on vacation, to celebrate Mark's graduation from high school, to swim at the beach, and revel in the palette that is Florida. I have never appreciated the beach as much as I did last week. To see colors that were not brown! To see never-ending water! Ohh, that was the life. James wants to move back to FL once I'm done with these higher education shenanigans. One thing is for sure. We are getting out of AZ as soon as possible. I don't even care that this is Indiana Jones territory. I don't wear a fedora, I don't have a horse, and I'm tired of the dust.

My only qualm with the vaca was being stung repeatedly by jelly-fish tentacles and being pushed head-first off of a balcony. Besides these minor incidents, I was happy as a clam.

Speaking of clams, you've got to be soaring with the fact that Kris is your new neighbor! I am concerned, however, that even in your free time you continue to be sleepy and tired. You must work on this. I suggest taking the summer off and sleeping through the whole thing. Well, perhaps not.

My Aunt-in-law warned me that pretty soon everyone I knew was going to start having babies. She may just be caught up in her own grandmother thing, because I'm not really sure I know of anyone who's close. Although I played a fun game in my head where I tried to guess which of our friends would be first. Your thoughts? Anyway, I figured it could be a good excuse to take you up on your suggestion of knitting a baby sweater. You know, start the stockpile in case there are any winter babies in the coming years. After playing with her two grandchildren for a week, I'm shocked that anyone has enough energy to become a parent.

Well, it's certainly Friday and although I just got back, I'm clearly not task-oriented since I'm spending my office time blogging instead of researching. You will have to remind me if your office job for the summer is similar to what you did last year or something new. I've decided that doing the research is not as interesting as coming up with the initial research plan. Perhaps that's how some people feel about knitting. I'd rather just put this project on hold and start a new one.

Say hi to Kris for me. Take care! Sleep in!

Miss you,

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