Wednesday, January 16, 2008



I believe you've met Sombra before. However, I wanted to include him on here, just for kicks.

Literally translated, I believe Sombra means "shadow" in spanish," which is kind of what Sombra is! He's my shadow that travels with Kris and brings him my protection and charms.

Little Sombra was originally created off the inspiration of your stupid sock creatures to travel with Kris on his tour with band, and now he travels all over.

Yarn: Random Blue and White acrylic
Materials: buttons and pine cleaners
If I recall, I knit him from the top up bodywise, splitting him for the horns, and then picked up stitches to knit both legs down. The arms, tail, and spikes were made separately and sewn on. All of it was wired with pipecleaners and stuffed with the seam between the legs still open. The last seam was sewn, ends woven in, and then the buttons stitched on.

In response to your earlier suggestions, well, you know my feelings on circular needles. They just don't feel right to me, but maybe I'll have to start trying them for hats. I really would like to buy a fuel efficient earth-friendly car someday. It is one of my expensive things I'm allowing myself to buy when I actually have money. I mean, I'm work off of "can I afford this cup of coffee" right now, we're not at the point where I'm considering buying any car, really.

Lastly? I lost my entrelac gloves last Friday on the bus, and I truly thought they were gone. I thought someone had picked them up and probably taken them and was not even appreciating the work that went into them. However, I called the busses, and they found them! They have them! Someone returned them!

Thank you, whoever you are! Thanks for giving me back my gloves! I picked them up on the way back from class, and now my hands are toasty warm once again.

Hope you're warmer than I am,

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